Patricia Gulyas

Artist Painter, Illustrator and Art Teacher


Set in Canada since 2001 and in BC since 2007.

Born in France in 1965 French and Canadian citizen

I am a self thought artist until I took faux finish class in France in 1997 and started my bachelor in 2003 in Quebec. I painted scenery for Air France, and private owner; Taught Art painting in France; Quebec and in Terrace, BC, had exhibition in France, United States and Canada, and recently I had an artist book published.



Art Gallery exhibitions



March 2009            Kitimat Museum, BC,Ca

Nov-Dec 2008        Prince Rupert Museum, BC,Ca

2007                       ``Maison Amerindiene`` Native museum, Mt St Hilaire, Qc, Ca

2007                       Conway Librairy, Conway, N-H, USA




2006                      Priscillia Bond Art Gallery, Lowell, Maine, USA

2005                      White Mountain Artisan Gallery, North Conway, N-H, USA

2002                       Mikell’Art Gallery, Drummondville, Qc, Ca

1997-98                 Gallery White Hawk, Clermont Ferrand, France

1990                      Art Gallery Madeleine Agopian, Meyzieu, France



2004                       INRS-Cascade ``conte and legend d’antan``

       painting selection for the itinerant   exhibition during 2004 and 2005




Publishing work

2009                            livre d’artiste by

2009                            Skeena Stories book ``Strangers no more`` (47) Terrace, BC.

2008                            LEANIN’TREE ``Santa Kokopeli`` 2008 Christmas card.

2006                            Arpadcreation edition, card, postcard, and magnet, Canada.

2003                            The ``Carquois`` poetry recueil avril vol 2, number 7 (26)   Drummondville, Qc.


Member’s ship

2009-2010                    K.A.G (Kamloops Art Gallery)

             Kamloops, BC, Canada


2007-2009                    CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation)

             Vancouver, BC, Canada


2007/2009                    Kitimat Centennial Museum

             Kitimat, BC, Canada


2007-2009                    Museum of Northern British Columbia

             Prince Rupert, BC, Canada


2007-2009                    Terrace Art Gallery

             Terrace, BC, Canada


2002- 2004                   RAAV (Visual Artist Regroupment)

             Montreal, Qc, Canada


2001 -2005                   AIIQ (Quebec Association of Illustrator)

            Montreal, Qc, Canada



January 2009               ``L’Express du Pacifique`` (Vancouver Francophone news paper)

              Vancouver, BC, Canada


December 3, 2008         ``Terrace Standard ``

              Terrace, BC, Canada


December 12, 2008       ``The Northern Connector``

              Prince Rupert, BC, Canada


2002                              ``La Parole`` july and august

              Drummondville, Qc, Canada


2001                              ``L’express``

              Drummondville, Qc, Canada


2000                              ``Le Dauphiné Libéré``

              France, loire, France


1999                              ``Le progrès`` and ``Le réveil``

              France, loire, France


Public space exhibitions

2003                             GPEL Studio

2003                             Le Nord Ouest Café, Trois Rivières, Qc, Ca

2003                             Boutique 3R, Trois Rivières, Qc, Ca

December 2002             Coffee-Bar "Le St Georges" Drummondville - Québec
                                     7 canvas acrylic and oil, them "between symbolism, Feng-Shui and Amerindian "

September 2002            "Galerie de l'Ancêtre" St Elphège - Québec.
15 canvas, Acrylic and oil, them: "Amerindian influence

June 2002                     Artistic Coffee "le CAF'ART" Drummondville -Québec
                                     10 canvas, Acrylic and oil, them: "Surrealism et esoteric"

February 2002              Artistic Coffee "le CAF'ART" Drummondville -Québec
                                     15 canvas, Acrylic and oil, theme: "Amerindian influence"

April 11-24, 2001        Private Trio Exhibition, Vienne - France
                                     a poet, a photograph and an artist-painter
                                     20 canvas, Acrylic and oil, theme: "surrealism and Amerindian Art"

October 1999              Artisanal Exhibition in medieval, city of Malleval - France
                                    Wood painting, Furniture painting.....

March 6-7, 1999         ADAC Association Exhibition
                                     city : Chavannay - France
                                     8 canvas,  Acrylic and oil.

Year 1999                  Travel Agency "Verney" Roussillon - France
                                    1 canvas and some wood scenery

August-Sept 1999     Post office of St Pierre de boeuf - France
                                   7 canvas, acrylic and oil, theme: "Amerindian influence"

Sept-Oct 1998           Participation at the 13th salon of painting, Crémieu - France
                                  1 canvas in tourism office

July 1998                  American fest, Lyon - France
                                   exhibition at "California club" stand - 8 canvas North American influence.

Nov 97- July 98        Art Gallery "White Hawk", Clermont-Ferrand - France
                                  15 canvas, Acrylic and oil, theme "Amerindian influence"

July 25-27, 1997       Craponne sur Arzon Country Music Festival of - France
                                  Exhibition at the dedication stand                     

1991/93                    Restaurant " Les Tilleuls"  Pont de Cheruy - France

November 1991        Participation at 6th "Salon de Peinture" of Crémieu - France

November 1990        Participation at 5th "Salon de Peinture" of Crémieu - France

July 1990                 Participation at 8th "Foire aux Peintres" of St Galmier - France

July 8,                      Participation to the day of "Peintre dans la citée"  Crémieu - France

June 1990                Participation at 22th Art Exibition of Crémieu - France

July 1987                 Participation at 5th "Foire aux Peinture" of St Galmier - France




Mars/March 2009